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Get The Look Like Gigi with Crazy Color® Orange

Hair Colourist Brad Baker shares his top tips on his recent Versace campaign with the stunning Gigi Hadid using Crazy Color® Orange . “This is a good look for Gigi as the orange tone compliments her blonde features & really pops against her eye colour. I aimed for a bright orange, but you can make the colour more fiery by adding Crazy Color® Fire or more golden by adding Crazy Color® Yellow you can even go a little rose by adding in the new Crazy Color® Rose Gold.” "Orange works on so many levels - it's not only a bright, playful, powerful tone but on a hair colour level there is minimal commitment, plus it fades out super natural leaving a nice golden result." Get Gigi’s look at home; Step 1 - Wash your hair twice to ensure it's sparkling clean, then you can leave it longer before washing again. Towel dry & comb through with a prep spray. Step 2 - Section off the hair in a jagged line top from bottom (around the temples). Step 3 - Starting at the bottom half, take the 2 front sections of the hair & clip the rest back. Apply Crazy Color® Orange with your hands staring at the bottom smudging it up to the blend line, repeat on the back sections. Step 4 - Apply the top in the same way but taking it higher to soften the blend line and leave in for around 20 minutes. Step 5 – Simply rinse and then dry the hair with minimal heat, and voila you can rock the orange trend just like Gigi! Crazy Color® loved and used by legendary hairdresser Sam McKnight, session stylist Richard Phillipart, make up artist Mary Greenwell plus many more!

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