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My name is Craig Brownlee, I’m fourteen years old, currently in fourth year and I spent the last week doing my work experience at Alison Jameson Consultants. I am very fascinated by media and would hopefully like to get a job in this kind of industry, so when I found out about the PR intern role, I was more than happy. It’s been a very interesting week, so I am going to take you through everything that happened.

Day 1

I was very nervous starting my first day here; it was a whole new environment, which I wasn’t used to. I eventually faced up to it and it was then I realized I had nothing to worry about; the staff here were all incredibly nice and I was warmly welcomed. The office was rather empty on Monday as nearly everyone was in London for the British Hairdressing Business Awards. I was working with Kathleen, and my tasks involved taking out new magazine cuttings, replacing the old cuttings wall, and taking a stock intake of new shipments from clients

Day 2

I was not at work on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I returned to the office and received a nice warm welcome back. Everyone was in office on Wednesday, and I worked with Rebekah. My tasks consisted of drafting posts for a clients Facebook page, noting down addresses of press for packages to be sent, and sorting through then cleaning up the stationery cupboard

Day 3

Thursday was probably my favourite day of the week as I was wrapping/packaging gifts for the press contacts I got the addresses of on Wednesday. I then spent my time going through a database full of salons and sorting out the correct information for them.

Day 4

My last day was spent continuing with the database and writing this blog post. Strange to think this is my last day, this week has flown by but it also feels like I’ve been working here longer than four days.

Overall it’s been a very surreal week but one I’ve enjoyed. I would definitely consider going into a job like this later in life.

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