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Work Experience at AJC!

My name is Alix Glendinning, I am 15 years old and in my 4th year at secondary school. I have spent the past week doing my work experience here at Alison Jameson Consultants. I am still very unsure of what I want

to do when I become an adult, therefore I found it difficult to decide where I wanted to go for my work experience.

I heard of AJC through my brothers fiancé Lauren who is one of the Senior Account Managers at AJC, and when she mentioned they took pupils in for work experience I decided I wanted to come here as it sounded very interesting and different as most of my friends were all going to the same places like hair salons and primary schools. I have enjoyed myself a lot this past week so I am going to tell you some of the things I did.

Day1 – I was a little nervous my first day as I wasn’t sure what to expect and I ended up being just 5 minutes late due to a flat tire on my dads car so I had to walk last minute and this made me panic, however when I arrived everything was fine and everyone was lovely. I was working with Alex on the Monday and she was very welcoming. She showed me around the office and gave me some tasks to do like replacing the cuttings wall, cleaning the stationary cupboard and taking a stock take and checking on social media if thee had been any recent post’s about clients of AJC.

Day 2 – On Tuesday I was working with Rebekah, she was also very lovely and gave me some tasks to do like write social media posts for some of their clients sites, read some magazines to see if their clients had been mentioned and she got me to check for uk bloggers that we could send some products to which I quite enjoyed.

Day 3 – Today I was working with mostly Rebekah and Kelly. When I first went in I helped change the cuttings wall and then Rebekah got me to package up products to send to the bloggers I had discovered the day before, I enjoyed this as it was just like wrapping Christmas presents which I am very excited for! I also attended a meeting with AJC today and I listened in to the sort of stuff they do, they work extremely hard and are so busy! After that Kelly got me to work through Patrick Cameron’s collection CD’s because they deal with his website and I had to add the pictures from his CD’s to the website and make sure all of the pictures were there, this was a little confusing for me and took a while but I got through what I could of it.

Day 4 – Thursday was a good day as Lauren was in the office today and it was nice to have a family face in there with me, I was working with Lauren and she gave me things to do like create some social media posts for clients and to check some magazine websites to see if any of their clients had been mentioned.

Day 5 – Friday, my last day. It definitely feels like I’ve been here longer than 5 days and it will be weird going back to my usual school routine after seeing what it is like to work in the real world.

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