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AJC Work Experience Take 3!

My name is Ellie Cochrane, I am 15 years old and for the past week I have been at Alison Jameson Consultants as part of my work experience. I chose to come to AJC because I’ve always liked the idea of an office job and working with other people, and I am interested in the hair and beauty industry so it seemed like the perfect choice for me.

Even though I live very close to the AJC office I had actually never heard of them before until I saw them on the database of work experience jobs! I know so much more about it and the industry that I could see myself working in a similar business as I have found the work and daily life of the office really fun.

Day 1- Before arriving at the office I was slightly nervous as I still wasn't exactly sure of the type of work they did here at AJC so I wasn't sure of what to expect when I came. Everyone here at the office was so lovely and welcoming and really made me feel like part of the team. On Monday I was given several tasks to do like checking on social media to see over the past week if there were any notifications regarding AJC’s clients, another job I did was researching for new bloggers to add to the event invite list.

Day 2- On Tuesday I felt much more comfortable and not so nervous when I arrived in the morning. I worked mostly with Kelly on my second day and she gave me some tasks to do, first thing I did was folding the clothes the models had worn on a video-shoot the previous day, I also did a stock check on the new products that had been delivered to the office and put them neatly on the shelves and I also continued to look for new bloggers to review the clients products.

Day 3 - On my third day when I first went in I did another stock check on a big delivery of products to make sure the office had received what they expected I then put all the new products on the shelf, another thing I did on Wednesday was sit in on the office meeting where they discussed their targets and what they have coming up in terms of new work. In the afternoon I continued putting all the products that had been delivered on the shelves.

Day 4 - On Thursday I helped re-arranged the stationary cupboard and make sure everything was in the right place, after that I was given the task of looking for model agencies in London and finding an e-mail to contact each of them. In the afternoon I finalised the list of new bloggers I had found over the week and sent the list over to Rebekah for her to have a look at and decide who is suitable.

Day 5 - Friday was my last day here at AJC and I had a good time while I’ve been here and I’m quite sad to have to leave and go back to my usual school day as I have really enjoyed working in the office.

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