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The Coterie - Creative Rituals

One Alfred Place was the location of 2018's first Coterie Event, showcased by the incredible team at Creative head, and this one was not to be missed! As usual, the AJC gang made our way down to attend the event and of course catch up with our industry friends whilst having a glass of fizz!

Hosted by session stylist and hair educator Gianni Scumaci, industry professionals gathered to hear Zoë Irwin, photographer Adam Slama, fashion designer Harry Evans, make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis, It List ‘Visionary’ 2017 Casey Coleman, Johanna Cree Brown and director Roger Spy discuss their individual artistic processes.

Each of the creative minds explained how they get into the zone, with Zoë Irwin explaining 'Oh, I completely live in that world when I’m creating, I immerse myself in everything to do with what I’m researching or drawing on – mood boards, references…”

The entire panel agreed that creativity is somewhat of a balancing act – that you enter into an intense, personal headspace to work on what you want to produce, but then somehow have to convey your goal or vision to others when working as part of a team. “It’s all about working out how you can help them see your world,” agreed Zoe and Adam.

“Sometimes when you first get client feedback and it’s not very positive, it can be disheartening,” Adam explained. “But often it can be incredibly helpful… you both learn to communicate better.”

When Gianni put forward the question of whether anyone’s creative processes and rituals had evolved over the years, Johanna Cree Brown revealed that she had managed to temper her obsessive need to constantly create.

Another fabulous and inspirational event as always - we can't wait for the next one!

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