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The WOW Beauty WellBeing Event!

Denise Rabor, Founder of WOW Beauty, an online platform to celebrate the beauty of diversity recently hosted a Wellbeing Event at the beautiful Soho Hotel in London. With such a refreshing perspective, Denise along with her panel discussed the importance of personal wellbeing and how to achieve a positive lifestyle Denise is, a celebrated international make-up artist with experience of working on major publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, ELLE & Vanity Fair.

The event was held at the ever so beautiful Soho Hotel, which is part of the Firmdale group of hotels, a group which Denise has a fantastic working relationship with. Held within the hotels Indigo Room, the atmosphere was clam and cosy, and gave guests the chance to mingle and meet the new faces at the first of the 2018 events.

The panel of the evening consisted of some of the UK's best holistic experts, who together, worked perfectly to discuss all different aspects of wellbeing. The panel was led by Denise herself and featured;

Michelle Roques O'Neill, Aromatherapist and Founder of Therapies Roques O’Neil

Nova Reid, Certified NLP Life Coach who specialises in mental wellbeing

Malminder Gill, Harley Street HypnoTherapist, NLP Master Coach, Meditation Teacher

The topics of discussion included sleep, forms of self-care, the power of affirmations, stress and how hormones can affect your wellbeing. Such an informative discussion with fantastic engagement from the guests, that after the this, each panelist spoke to guests individually and on a one to one basis, with many commenting how nice and unique this was. The time also allowed them to receive expert advice from the panelists.

With the night a roaring success, and guests being treated to quick trick treatments and product samples, each were given a fantastic goody bag with some of the UK's most sought after products that promote positive wellbeing,

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