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Girl Power Returns


t would be rude not to mention the return of Girl Power wouldn't it? And with an Edinburgh date on the calendar, the AJC girls are beyond excited.

But the one thing that has us all talking is Emma Bunton and yes you guessed it ... and her baby pink hair!

Emma once again took centre stage with her new hue, and since then we've been inundated with questions as to how to achieve her colour!

For a pretty pastel like Baby Spice you need Crazy Color Candy Floss shade. Dreamy and sweet this shade works best on blondes or pre-lightened hair and for a super soft finish, mix it with a little conditioner and apply as a hair mask. If you want to up the ante a little, Pinkissimo is for you. One of the most renowned shades in the range this pop of pink can't be missed. To tone it down a little don't be afraid to mix in with some Marshmallow or Candy Floss to get a dimensional finish.

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