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Fellowship "On The Fringe" Event - Edinburgh

It’s always a fantastic evening when any hairdressing event comes across the border, and once again the Fellowship for British Hairdressing just did that, with their recent Hair & Vision Event.

The venue for this months event was Edinburgh’s Jam House, and the hairdressing organisation brought some of Scotlands iconic names to the evening including an inspirational interview with Alan and Linda Stewart, Founders of Rainbow Room International, taking a look back at their journey over the past 39 years, with 2019 marking the 40thanniversary of Scotland’s largest salon group.

Guests were also treated to an array of creative demonstrations by the likes of Alan Findlay of Rebel Rebel, Sophie Laidlaw of Wonderland, Rhona McCallum, Medua and Robbie Purvis of ArtHaus Hair. Each stylist took the audience through their inspiration and creative looks, giving tips and tricks on how to achieve the desired style.

As always another great evening that we are always delighted to be a part of.

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