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The Brits - Best Hair Looks!

The Brits have always been a huge date int he hairdressing calendar, as many celebrities and influencers use the event to showcase a new look, or change of style. 2019 was no different, and here we chat to some of the UK's top stylists to discuss the top 3 looks from the night!

“Like Anne Marie, countless celebrities have left their darker blonde locks behind to join the bright bleached hue clan recently. Anne Marie’s shade works well with her skin tone and the centre parting is bold and striking – it works well with her blunt cut and darker brows. For this look, consider your client’s skin tone when deciding on which shade of icy blonde they want to go, and ensure they understand that maintenance is key when it comes to this trend. This trend is a big commitment and is pretty high maintenance, roots will need regular touch ups and clients will also need to look after their hair at home, using a silver shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair looking ‘icy’ and to stray away from getting any unwanted yellow or brassy tones.” Jason Hogan, Josh Wood Colour

“The disheveled ponytail is a hair look that makes a statement but is easy to create and quite a low maintenance look, it still provides high impact and looks chic. For this hairstyle it’s all about creating a very undone and raw texture, which can easily be created by using texturising products, like a salt spray, and scrunching this into the hair to achieve that messy and textured finish. For added texture and volume, I always advise backcombing some of the hair, particularly at the crown for added height and then you can gather the hair into a ponytail – the higher the better for a more glamorous, red carpet look. Finish with a a mist of hairspray to keep the hair locked in place all night long and for added shine.” Carly Price, Muse of London

“This year, Jorga opted for a sleek and sophisticated look with a simple high ponytail. With her dress being very extravagant, the simple style partnered perfectly with her outfit and created a beautiful overall look. To achieve this look ensure hair is washed with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, to keep it looking as health and nourished as possible. Dry hair using a large barrel brush, allowing slight volume to be created for the ponytail. Once dry, gather hair into a ponytail at the crown, leaving a small section free (around 3-5cm), pulling hair tight ensuring a smooth finish – secure with a hair band. Once secured, wrap the free section of hair around the hair band and secure with a bobby pin. Finish with shine spray.” Tina Farey, RUSH Hair

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