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Why textural highlights are this summer's most flattering technique

Summer holiday hair is coming.

Summer is around the corner, the sun is shining and thoughts are turning to all the rosé waiting for us at our fave roof garden. For beauty lovers, the warmer weather also provides the perfect excuse to hit refresh on our hair colour with a brand new hue.

If you've been looking to give your blonde locks a summertime switch, but are torn between mallen streaks, amber slate, toasted coconut or simply a update on your tried-and-tested balayage, good news: you don't have to choose. That's because the hottest hair trend of summer 2019, according to celebrity and associate colourist at Josh Wood Colour, Jason Hogan, is textural highlights.

While Jason is known for his beach blondes, dimensional brunettes and head-turning coppers, he's also a dab hand at creating clever new colouring techniques, such as halo lights, a method of colouring that subtly works strands of dye through the top layers of the hair to create a 'halo' of light-reflecting blonde, just like a Victoria's Secret supermodel. "While my signature 'angel lights' technique was wonderful for giving an ethereal angelic blonde for winter," Jason explains, "for summer I wanted something less blended that would give a lot of texture and dimension to the hair, and create a very bohemian, sunkissed and carefree vibe."

Since highlights are simply lighter pieces of hair that are used to enhance your natural hair colour, Jason's trans-seasonal technique is a a great way to upgrade all hair types, whether you prefer a soft, sun kissed look or bright, bold dimension. "The service is suitable for all hair types and whether they had previous colour or not," he continues. "It can be customised to each client, either to add depth back into the hair to make the blonde pop, or to really jazz up any existing blonde." And while an all-over colour would require frequent trips to the salon to keep your hair looking fresh, textural highlights is a totally fuss-free technique to szuzh up your tresses for summertime.

"Having slightly more depth at the root makes this colour very low-maintenance, and still looks great two months after you’ve had it done. A gloss every now and then will help keep the tone in check and maintain shine," Jason explains. That being said, it's always wise to care for your highlights in-between salon appointments with a mask to keep the tone from turning brassy in the sunnier weather.

"Being able to go longer between colour appointments is going to do wonders for the condition of the hair. It’s also important to care for your summer colour with a nourishing mask containing a UV filter - Oribe Beautiful Colour Mask is my personal favourite."

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