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FAST, FABULOUS AND FLAWLESS New JOICO Blonde Life® Quick Tone Liqui-Crème Toner

Helmond, the Netherlands – 5 minutes or less. That’s all it takes to get fast and fabulous blonde hair with new Blonde Life Quick Tone Liqui-Crème Toners – a swift, powerful way to make a mark on pre-lightened looks. Featuring anti-breakage technology and nourishing exotic oils for maximum shine, this Blonde Life collection of Sand, Silver, Violet, and Clear lets hairdressers trend-set gorgeous blonde creations faster than ever before. For solo shades or intermix; this gleam team makes brass a thing of the past.

“Blonde Life Quick Tone Liqui-Crème Toners are a huge game-changer when it comes to toning because it’s extremely time-saving, tones to the perfect shade, and creates extra shine and adds strength to hair – what more could you ask for?!” – Larisa Love, JOICO Brand Ambassador.

Why it will be loved:

  • Instant toning in 5 minutes or less, with dazzling shades that let hairdressers artistically fine-tune every possible Blonde Life look. In Silver, Sand, Violet, and Clear, Quick Tone Liqui-Crème Toners are cool, customizable, and fabulously fast

  • Sand, Silver, and Violet can be intermixed to customize toning and correct any RPC issue

  • Clear can be mixed with Sand, Silver, or Violet to customize deposit and slow down processing time

  • The unique “Liqui-Crème” formula is the perfect viscosity for quick bottle application while also facilitating fast, even deposit of tone in the hair

  • Formulated with anti-breakage and bond-building Arginine

  • Infused with Blonde Life’s unique oil blend

  • Ammonia-free formulas leave hair in better condition – even on damaged, color-treated, or bleached hair

  • Long-lasting results

  • Gentle Fresh Fragrance with bergamot, iris, and sandalwood

Let’s look inside:

Taking toner into the future, these “lightning-fast” blonde stars safeguard hair from breakage and strengthen strands with bond-building Arginine. Featuring Blonde Life’s unique oil blend, the fairest hair is protected; keeping color brilliant, gleaming, and perfectly on tone.

  • Bond-Building Arginine: a naturally occurring amino acid crucial to hair’s strength, is included in Quick Tone formulas to protect hair

  • ArgiPlex: JOICO’s healthy-hair conditioning technology builds bonds that help lock in unparalleled color longevity, vibrancy, and shine. ArgiPlex strengthens and reduces breakage

  • Patented Conditioning Complex: a super conditioning “shield,” surrounds the hair shaft to protect damaged hair until the next color service, sealing in moisture, softness, and unprecedented shine

  • Quadramine Complex®: JOICO’s exclusive blend of low-molecular proteins that adhere quickly to maximize reconstruction from cuticle to cortex

  • Manoi Oil: a rare, exotic blend of Coconut Oil and Tahitian Gardenia Flower, helps fight frizz and boosts shine while protecting hair from environmental damage

  • Tamanu Oil: a rich, Southeast Asian UV-absorber packed with fortifying Omega-6 and -9, helps deeply hydrate hair, bump up shine, and banish brittle strands

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